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Preventing an Outbreak is Paramount!

Prepare to reduce the likelihood of infecting self and others with a deadly virus. Children, elderly and those with weak immune systems are particularly vulnerable. simply just shaking hands or touching a door handle can spread the disease quickly. Basically, its a 'domino effect' spreading from one person to another and before you know it, the virus becomes a world wide 'out of control' epidemic that kills thousands.

So what can we do to prepare and prevent more deaths?

Well, there are some options such as washing your hands, stocking up on alcohol gel and purchasing overpriced cleaning products and personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks and aprons from the internet. Of course, we could isolate our selves from the public, but is this 'lock down' really necessary and would we put ourselves more at risk doing so?

Awareness training in this subject can be particularly valuable for all organisations and may even save lives. North Care Training offer quality online training, face to face training and regulated qualifications at reasonable prices. With highly qualified trainers available around the clock; we can provide a learner centred experience. Working together to reduce the chances of serious outbreaks in your local area and being more in control should this happen. If you require further information or would like to book a course, please do not hesitate to freephone: 0800 888 68 40 alternatively, feel free to visit our website: or

Please note, we have E-learning CPD Accredited courses in infection prevention and control, each at only £2.99 per learner click here for more info or to book.

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