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  • Adam Rendell Bsc PGCE

Resource of the week "Moving and Handling Patients at a Glance" (#9)

A Resource that deserves recognition. If you work in health and social care, this book can improve your practical application in moving and handling objects and people. The main focus in this book is to demonstrate how to move patients in the safest way possible. Safety precautions should still be taken as not all techniques demonstrated in this book can be classed as ultimately safe; for instance, if a service user had some form of surgery some techniques may not be classed as the 'ideal' approach. However, the literature does recommend that rigorous risk assessments is required before deciding to apply these techniques in practice.

  • A clear, concise and comprehensive guide to moving and handling patients.

  • Superbly illustrated, with full colour photographs throughout.

  • Practice-oriented and based on the latest evidence to provide safe and effective patient care.

  • Ideal for nursing students, health care assistants, newly qualified nurses, as well as physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

By Hamish MacGregor

Publisher: WILEY Blackwell

First published in 2016

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