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  • Adam Rendell Bsc PGCE

Resource of the week 'Google' (#7)

Google has many more features compared to other search engines. It is not just the worlds most famous and most effective search engine out there, it can be used for setting up google e-mail account, maps for navigation and satellite overview; should you ever get lost - the mobile phone Google app version available to download is also very useful as a free sat-navigation application. An image browser which can search different image sizes of whatever you want, colours and much more, a Calendar with the ability to share a diary (other peoples agenda), social network platform (Google+), a meet application (for a live video chat) Google even has their own website creator, a business account platform for reviews and business maps business location and much more. It's well worth a try, simply just google it!

North Care Training is proud to have 5 star Google Reviews

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