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  • Adam Rendell Bsc PGCE

Resource of the Week "Whosnext" (#3)

If you have an 'iPhone' or 'iPad' this mobile application will be available to download from app-store; this resource can be useful for selecting who will be next in completing a specific activity.

To keep things simple, just add the names and let the tool do the rest.

Once up and running, the app will randomly select a learner using a spinning disc with names manually noted (all people watching on a big screen are likely to be focused on who's turn it will be. In my experience, this application is very effective; perhaps, it is the technology; however, I believe it is the combination of peer pressure and this application that creates a fun and 'must do' random selection tool.

The benefits:

  • No need to make your own choice anymore as the computer does it for you

  • Many people accept this (perhaps, its fate).

  • Possibilities is only limited to your imagination:

  • Who does the dishes?

  • Who chooses the TV program?

  • Who drives (doesn't drink)?

  • What do we eat tonight?

  • Who sings a song?

  • Where will we go tonight?

  • Who offers a drink?

  • Who disguises himself as rabbit?

  • What game do we play tonight?

  • Who puts the trash out?

The drawbacks:

  • You need to know the names of all delegates; although, you could assign people into groups (i.e. group a, b, c or 'the greens, the blues, the reds').

  • You could use your mobile phone, however, I find it much more effective to use a big screen; to use this you would need to connect your device to the screen (an adapter tv or projector maybe required).

  • Ideally, this application could be improved by removing the selected 'name, group or thing' that has; however, it does have the ability to tick the already selected.

  • Not suitable for everyone: This application could also be improved with audio answering, for example, once a person is selected the name Tom could be announced which maybe helpful for individuals who have visual impairments.

Conclusion: Yes, the drawbacks are evident; however, this is an awesome application. If the application was to be improved, it could potentially be the 'resource of the year'.

How to set it up:

  • A user-friendly application, simple to set up:

  • 1st, you create a question, as an example: "Who does the dishes?"

  • 2nd, you add the nominees (possibly from your address book)

  • And finally, you just have to start the draw!

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